a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: God Refines the Soul

We gather together, full of bountiful hope and terrible fears. A crucible is for silver, and a furnace is for gold, but the Lord refines our hearts. Sin coats us like rust, eating away at our connections to each other, but God anoints us with oil … [Continue reading]

CTW: return to the Lord

Leader: God’s call rings out through the world, God’s message to us. People: God calls us to come back, to fast and weep, and ask for forgiveness. Leader: We need to change our entire lives, what is inside of us, not just outside. People: For our … [Continue reading]

Confession: God shines

The presence of God shines all around us, and yet our faces are buried in our phones, and our minds are on the tasks that are left undone, oblivious to the miracle of the Holy Spirit that surrounds. Let us together lift up our heads and open our eyes … [Continue reading]

Transfiguration Invocation

God of the high and low, we come before you this day seeking your Holy presence. We come to sing praises, pray petitions, and listen to the Word at your holy mountain. We come to experience metamorphosis, to be changed into your people. Change us in … [Continue reading]

POP: no other helper

Alleluia! We praise you, O Lord, with every fiber of our being. With all our heart, soul, mind, and strength we will sing praises to you. We earnestly put our trust in you alone, knowing that there is no other helper but you, the … [Continue reading]

CTW: glory rising

Beyond our busyness, above the cold winter floor there is a glory rising born of heaven and reaching out to each one of us a light that shines through the clouds an invitation seeking all of who we are that transfigures the world that … [Continue reading]

Confession: new order

Prayer of Confession God of grace and mercy, You create a new order for our lives: Service before success, Faith before knowledge, Partnership over independence, The cross over the crown. Forgive us when we fall into the patterns of … [Continue reading]

CTW: praise the Lord!

We the Church give thanks to the LORD with our whole heart. Praise the LORD! When we look at all the works of the LORD, we know they are great. Praise the LORD! The LORD is gracious and merciful, faithful and just. Praise the LORD! Submitted … [Continue reading]

CTW: Arise and Shine

Arise and awaken, children of God! For our light has come, and the glory of the Holy One shines out! Lift up your eyes! Look around you! The people gather together – the people of all nations come together to worship God You shall see and … [Continue reading]

Benediction: God’s future

We are God’s beloved, and we go out into God’s future to love, to serve, and to be made new. As we go, may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the unity of the Holy Spirit keep us now and forever. Alleluia! … [Continue reading]