a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Invitation: we are not alone

In the broken and messy world in which we live in there are many things to worry about: debilitating illness, hate inspired violence, or the uncertainty of our future well being. It is easy to close ourselves off emotionally, physically, and … [Continue reading]

Confession and Assurance: Chaotic Mess of Voices

Holy and Beloved God, though the world calls us in a chaotic mess of voices, your voice stands apart. Yours is the soft, still voice that speaks to our very heart of hearts. If we would pay attention to your voice, we would hear your love and concern … [Continue reading]

A day of holy celebration

Children of God, let us rejoice in the day of Pentecost! We give thanks to God for the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Today is a day of holy celebration. Siblings in Christ, we are inheritors of the work of the church- work done by … [Continue reading]

CTW: Companion, Comfort, Counselor

As we gather together, we remember that we are not alone in our faith: God is our Companion. Though the Way is not easy, and we may suffer in righteousness, God is our Comfort. When anger fills our hearts, and grief crushes our … [Continue reading]

communion: blow through this place

The Lord be with you. And also with you. Lift up your hearts. We lift them up to the Lord. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. It is right to give our thanks and praise. We praise you, O Lord, and all the earth with us, for your Holy … [Continue reading]

POP: arise, O God

Arise, O God, and scatter the shadows of enmity and hatred! In Christ’s resurrection, you drive away sin and death like smoke before the wind; in Christ’s ascension, you give glory to the one whose suffering saves us; therefore we rejoice and … [Continue reading]

POP: you are the presence

You, O Lord, are Sovereign; you are the presence of beauty and the awesome power of love. Your creative promises stand firm and hold the world steady; your steadfast love endures from the foundation of the world to the completion of all … [Continue reading]

CTW: search and grasp

Praise our God everyone; give the Lord a raucous greeting! God is our Advocate, our Helper, the one who gives life. We search and grasp, even though God is as close as our breath. Glory to the One who suffered in order to bring us to … [Continue reading]

CTW: not far

Leader: Praise God who made the world People: ...and everything in it Leader: Worship God who gives all life People: ...their breath and nourishment. Leader: Come search and Find God People: ..for God is not far from each one of us. Submitted … [Continue reading]

CTW: in the presence of mystery

Pulpit side: Come, people of God—make a joyful noise! Lectern side: Come, beloved of Christ—lift up your offering of praise! Travellers: We gather in the presence of mystery, grace known and unknown, promises fulfilled and still … [Continue reading]