a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

POP: let us see light

Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, and your faithfulness soars over us like the clouds. We call on your righteousness, strong as a mountain, and your justice, deep as the ocean; for humans and all that lives on the earth, we call out for … [Continue reading]

Dedication: delight

Lord, you take delight in us and fill us with every good thing so that all who hunger may share in our joy. Receive what we offer as testimony to your goodness, and let these gifts lead to rejoicing in your church and all your world; in Jesus’ … [Continue reading]

Confession: some other place

Creating and transforming God, you call us to spread the joy of your kingdom and live as agents of your renewal in the world. We confess that we are content to locate your kingdom in some other place, some other time, some other reality. We have … [Continue reading]

POP: we call on you

We call on you with thanksgiving, Lord of heaven and earth, and we come before you with all our heart. We set you apart as the one deserving of all our praise, and we call on your love and faithfulness for the sake of your name. We call to … [Continue reading]

CTW: let go and pick up

As we gather for worship, O Lord, help us let go . . . Of the things that trap us, the fears that silence us, the anger that haunts us. As we gather for worship, O Lord, help us let go . . . Of the worry, stress or anxiety that have filled us … [Continue reading]

CTW and Assurance: God is in this place

Call to Worship: Leader:          Surely, God is in this place, People:          and calls us to worship in spirit and in truth. Leader:          Surely, the Lord is in this place People:          receiving our songs and … [Continue reading]

Invitation: we are not alone

In the broken and messy world in which we live in there are many things to worry about: debilitating illness, hate inspired violence, or the uncertainty of our future well being. It is easy to close ourselves off emotionally, physically, and … [Continue reading]

Confession and Assurance: Chaotic Mess of Voices

Holy and Beloved God, though the world calls us in a chaotic mess of voices, your voice stands apart. Yours is the soft, still voice that speaks to our very heart of hearts. If we would pay attention to your voice, we would hear your love and concern … [Continue reading]

A day of holy celebration

Children of God, let us rejoice in the day of Pentecost! We give thanks to God for the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Today is a day of holy celebration. Siblings in Christ, we are inheritors of the work of the church- work done by … [Continue reading]

CTW: Companion, Comfort, Counselor

As we gather together, we remember that we are not alone in our faith: God is our Companion. Though the Way is not easy, and we may suffer in righteousness, God is our Comfort. When anger fills our hearts, and grief crushes our … [Continue reading]