a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: the Spirit is with us

One: As we walk into the wilderness, setting our face toward the cross, All: The Holy Spirit is with us. One: As we focus and prepare, fasting by letting go and by taking on, All: The Holy Spirit is with us. One: Facing temptations, finding help … [Continue reading]

Confession: we resist

God who pushes and pulls, coaxing and sending, we confess to you that we often resist your movement, wishing you would let us go our own way. If we’re completely honest, we give in to temptation more often than we resist. We confess that we have … [Continue reading]

CTW: from mountaintop and valley

One: We come from mountaintop and valley All: From highways and quiet streets. One: We come with joys and concerns All: with expectations and excuses. One: We come seeking Christ All: to know and follow his way.   Submitted by Rev. … [Continue reading]

Confession: on our terms

We name you Christ...and in the next breath we explain what we mean by that. We offer our hearts and lives...on our terms. We make sure you know when we think you’ve gone wrong. We are full of human thoughts and there’s little room for God’s … [Continue reading]

Illumination: open

Open your good news to us, O God...and open us to your good news, that we may find ourselves in your abundant life. Speak, Lord, and help us to listen. Amen.   Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson … [Continue reading]

Confession: conditional faith

Voice 1: Show us a sign! Voice 2: Make us understand! Voice 3: If you can explain, we will believe! All: We confess, Holy One, that often our faith is conditional. We trust you when we can see where you are going, and we believe your word when it … [Continue reading]

Dedication: learning foolishness

Generous God, you have chosen to reveal yourself to us in ways this world considers foolish...and you call us to join you. As we learn generosity in the midst of a world that teaches self-sufficiency, bless our gifts that they may be a blessing to … [Continue reading]

CTW: remembering who we are

One: Come from east and west, north and south! All: From everywhere God has placed us, with everything God has given us, as the people God made us—we come. One: Come, receive again the gift of grace! All: Not for owning, not for boasting, but … [Continue reading]

Confession: we don’t understand grace

Your generous creativity is beyond all our imagining, O God! You breathe the breath of life into us, your Spirit flows free, bringing new life in every place, your grace falls like rain on all creation. And yet we confess that often we would prefer a … [Continue reading]

CTW: we want to see Jesus

One: From near and far, long-serving and first-timers, we enter this house together: All: We want to see Jesus! One: Share the good news, all are welcome in this place. All: We come, drawn by grace and challenge, ready to follow in … [Continue reading]