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A Spark of…. Advent Candle Liturgies (year B)

Week 1 (Hope) Candle (Isaiah 64, Mark 13) One: Come, Emmanuel. The world is over-full of things that do not satisfy. We watch and prepare, for divine presence to shake our complacency. ~candle is lit~ All: A spark of hope lights the … [Continue reading]

Confession: fading away

Holy and loving God, we hear your voice in the wilderness, and we come, seeking a glimpse of your glory in these days of lengthening darkness. We look for your star shining in the night sky, for the flickering candle holding back the shadows, and we … [Continue reading]

Blue Christmas prayer

God of comfort, come gently among us this evening; hear our prayers, restore our souls. Piece together our loose ends; smooth over our rough edges; restore our souls. When lights and decorations fail to delight our senses, and serve only to … [Continue reading]

Confession/Pardon: Real Salt, Spiritual Wounds

Holy and Beloved God, you are the great peacemaker, who brings together many different parts and makes the one united body of Christ. Yet, we often turn aside from the peace you offer, and assume that we alone have it right. Instead of listening to … [Continue reading]

Illumination: Bread of the Word

Holy Spirit, fill the scriptures with life, that when warmed by your love, they rise and fill our hearts like bread fills our bodies. Amen. Submitted by Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby, Okla. … [Continue reading]

Call to Confession for Advent, Narrative Lectionary year 4 and John 1

In Advent, we prepare for the coming of Christ, full of grace and truth. Trusting in God’s unfailing grace, let us tell the truth about ourselves, joining in our prayer of confession.   Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Covenant … [Continue reading]

Benediction for Advent, Narrative Lectionary year 4 and John 1

Rejoice! The Word takes on flesh this season and wherever we live by the Spirit. Go forth to share the good news of Christ’s coming this day and forever, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. … [Continue reading]

Prayers of the People for Advent

O Lord, you are coming to us, and we wait with eager anticipation! Our souls are standing on tiptoe, trying to peer over the horizon where the morning star is about to rise upon us. We put our hope in your Word, O Lord, that your Word might … [Continue reading]

Confession: work of your hand

You are the potter, and we are the clay, O God. Remind us yet again that we are the work of your hand, not the other way around. When we have insisted you act according to our rules, when we have closed our ears to your call, and warped your design, … [Continue reading]

Illumination: Lamps of our hearts

Fire of the Holy Spirit, light the lamps of our hearts. Shine with the light of your Truth, that as we read your scriptures, we see your love flowing through everyone we meet. Amen. Submitted by Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel, Trinity … [Continue reading]