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We seek to inspire the work of the people by designing an online space for creative collaboration and sharing of liturgy. In turn, this resource will inspire new ideas and equip pastors and congregations for the renewal of common worship. Join us on twitter @liturgylink or write us at liturgylink@gmail.com.

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  1. Gracebook! I love it!

  2. Anything on Easter Sunrise yet???

  3. Jim Jannotti says

    The video is awesome!

  4. Marnie Rourke says

    I have just found your website — and just in time. I am a retired pastor who sings in the choir. Our music director and I take turns offering prayer at the end of worship, and tonight is my turn — and I was not ready. Thank you for the resources you provide. I’d like to return to them on a regular basis. I have searched your website and I have not found a way to subscribe to this very useful and inspiring resource. I hope that by sending this note my goal will be accomplished.


    Rev. Dr. Marnie Rourke

  5. any resources available for a Homecoming Service elebration

  6. Diane DiLuzio says

    What does the acronym, POP, stand for? I just sunscribed and am finding your resources quite rich and helpful.

  7. Thank you so much for this website. It was good to find such excellent work online. Every time I use one of your prayers in worship I include the name of the writer and their title and church and/or denomination. I could not find the info for the Rev. Terri Peterson. Could you please help?

    • Teri Peterson says

      Thanks JD!
      I am the Rev. Teri Peterson (one r, which makes me far easier to find!). I am between places but about to be inducted as minister of St John’s Church in Gourock, Scotland (Church of Scotland). I hope that helps.

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