a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday


Do you write liturgy? Have ideas for creative, engaging worship?

Are you willing to share your work so others can use or adapt it to enhance their community’s worship experience?

Send us your original liturgy (please do not send things taken from previously published resources) at liturgylink@gmail.com, with your full name and church name (if applicable) and you may see it here, shared for others to use. Thanks!

PLEASE, send one submission per email. If you have multiple pieces to submit, it’s best to send multiple emails.

Do you have a book or other liturgical resource you couldn’t live without? Share the information on our resource page so we can all check it out!

If we discover any previously published work submitted, we will remove it immediately. Please be respectful of copyrights.
Not all submissions will be published immediately.


  1. I am enjoying reading the posted liturgy, and watching this community grow. Will share with CTS faculty/staff from time to time…delighted at how this project is shaping up.

  2. Thanks for the invitation! I often write and blog liturgy pieces, Eucharistic prayers and “other” stuff that I hope would be helpful to others and hope to take you up on this offer soon. Peace!

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