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Do you have a book of liturgy or worship ideas, or a website you love, or any other resources you’d like to share? Post the information (title/publisher, web address, etc) in the comments here so your colleagues can update their libraries too!


  1. I just tweaked a lengthy guided meditation from Joyce Rupp’s The Circle of Life that centers around bread/lord’s supper as joyous, filling meal rather than a memory of the passover/last supper. I’m happy to send it along.

  2. Dakota Road Music has an anthology of fabulous new, theologically trust-worthy, singable music for worship — yes, all of that! I have 2 copies, plus am getting the digital version soon. Song lyrics, lead sheets, accompaniment versions are available as (very affordable) downloads at http://www.dakotaroadmusic.com

    We have invited DRM composer, Hans Peterson to three of our Presbytery youth events and he will be the Youth Convocation Speaker at the 2011 Lakes and Prairies Synod School.

    We sang “All Are Welcome” from DRM at #Unco11

  3. J. Wayne Pratt says

    I enjoy writing liturgy. Have contributed to Abingdon Worship Annual: 2013 qnd 2014. Also authored “Wedding Services,” a volume in Abindon’s Just in Time! series of liturgical helps. My latest book, “Liturgy in the Garden” being released by Abingdon on February 1, 2013.

  4. Here is a website I’m trying to put together posting the images I used for the Sunday Bulletin in coordination with the lectionary…


  5. Elaine Sveet says

    ‘Gathering – resources for worship planners’ is a quarterly magazine put out by The United Church of Canada filled with liturgy and other worship planning materials submitted by clergy and other worship planners. It’s a fabulous resource.
    You can email: magazines@united-church.ca to get a subscription
    or email: gather@united-church.ca to submit material for consideration.

    I submit regularly to this resource and am often stimulated in my own worship planning by the variety of material in it.

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