a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

POP: resurrection light

We give thanks to you, O Lord, for you are good:
your mercy endures forever.
We sing and shout for the joy of your salvation,
secured for us in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
Your living strength has triumphed!
The power of life has redeemed us!
We declare your saving works, O Mighty One.

Give us grace, O God, to open the gates of your righteousness
so that all your beloved ones may enter.
Let our lives bear witness that you are our salvation.
Christ, the stone which the builders rejected,
has become the cornerstone of your renewed people.
This is your doing, O Lord,
and it is marvelous in our eyes;
let all people rejoice and be glad in it!

We cry hosanna to you, O Lord: save us!
Work out your salvation for those who are in need today,
especially for those who labor under the shadow of death.
Shine your resurrection light upon us
and lead us like a joyful parade into your presence.

You are the God of life, and we thank you;
you are the God of new life, and we exalt you;
you are the God whose mercy endures forever,
and we pray rejoicing in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

POP: wailing into dancing

We exalt you, O Lord,
because you have raised us from the grave
and have given us the victory over our enemy Death.
When we called out to you, you raised us up and restored us to life.
We sing praises to you and give you thanks
when we remember the marvelous things you have done.
We pray for your favor, O God,
on those who suffer
and endure the wrath of illness, brokenness, change, or loss.
We pray for those who weep,
that your joy would break forth like the dawn.
We pray for those who are uncertain and insecure,
that you would show your favor, protect your people,
and strengthen those in need.
We pray for those who seek your face,
who have not yet found what they long for,
that you would reveal yourself again.
We pray for those who face death or despair,
that your faithfulness would be known even in the dust.
Hear, O Lord, and have mercy on us.
In Christ’s resurrection
you have turned our wailing into dancing;
you have taken off our mourning clothes and dressed us with joy.
Therefore we trust, and our hearts sing unceasingly,
O Lord our God, in the name of the risen Christ,
who taught us to pray as we say:

The Lord’s Prayer

Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

POP: hear us

Hear us, O God, when we call upon you!
Your love sets us free from the power of death;
your mercy frees us from doubt and fear;
your promise frees us to serve you alone.
You do wonders for your people, O Lord:
hear our prayers as we call out to you.
Guard those who face anger, fear, or trouble;
keep your people from sin, and reconcile our hearts.
Protect all who seek and serve you,
and bless those who give their lives to your mission.
Turn your face toward those who long for better times,
who long to see your light once again.
For all who suffer and sorrow, let there be gladness overflowing.
We put our trust in you, O Lord,
for your promises alone are sure.
We pray in the name of the risen Christ, saying together:
The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Transfiguration Invocation

God of the high and low, we come before you this day seeking your Holy presence. We come to sing praises, pray petitions, and listen to the Word at your holy mountain. We come to experience metamorphosis, to be changed into your people. Change us in this hour so we might speak your Spirit of hope and grace to the world. We pray this in the name of Christ, AMEN.


Submitted by Rev. Will Ryan, First Christian Church, Burlington, IA

POP: no other helper

Alleluia! We praise you, O Lord,
with every fiber of our being.
With all our heart, soul, mind, and strength we will sing praises to you.

We earnestly put our trust in you alone,
knowing that there is no other helper but you, the Almighty.

Therefore we call out to you on behalf of all who are hungry or oppressed,
asking you to keep your faithfulness to your beloved creation.

Liberator, set the prisoners free;
Light of the world, open the eyes of those who cannot see;
Strength of the broken, lift up those who long to be healed.
O Lord, hear our prayers for those we lift up before you.

Preserve the righteous by your justice;
care for the stranger in your compassion;
sustain the orphan and the widow in your community of faith;
and save all your world from the hand of the wicked.

You, O Lord, shall reign forever,
and so we join all generations in the prayer your Son taught us, saying:

The Lord’s prayer



Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

POP: O Hear Our Cry

Beloved, we lift up prayers before God,
trusting in the mercy of the One who comes to shepherd all people.
Let us sing our prayers together:

O Hear Our Cry, O Lord v. 1-2

Save your people, O Lord,
and be especially present with those whom we have named before you.

O Hear Our Cry, O Lord v. 3-4

Turn your face toward your people,
and restore us in your mercy.

We pray in the name of the coming Christ,
and we join in the prayer he taught, saying:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, IA

POP: God’s Anointed

People of God, Jesus comes to bring God’s mercy to all people.
Therefore we are bold to sing our prayers
to the one whose reign is justice, peace, and joy:

All Hail to God’s Anointed v. 1

We pray for those who are captive to violence, oppression, and sin.
We pray for all who are hungry, sick, sorrowing, or afraid.

All Hail to God’s Anointed v. 2

We pray for everyone who longs for new beginnings.
We pray for those who celebrate and rejoice.
We pray for all who travel to be with families,
and we pray for those who celebrate the birth of the Savior alone.
We pray for the gift of peace, in our hearts and in our world.

All Hail to God’s Anointed v. 3

We pray for those in positions of power,
for those who have more wealth and power than they realize,
and for those whom we are called to serve.

All Hail to God’s Anointed v. 4

Let your kingdom come in this world, O God,
and let our hearts welcome the birth of the Holy Child,
who teaches us to pray as we say together:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, IA

National Donor Sabbath

Prayers for National Donor Sabbath (based on Psalm 65)

We praise you, O God,
and we lift up our hearts to you in prayer.
You hear our prayer, Blessed One,
you blot out our sins,
and you call us to dwell joyfully in your presence!
We give you thanks for the gifts of this life:
for the beauty and strength of our bodies;
for the wonder of minds and hearts;
for the holy love of families and friends.
We stand in awe of your salvation, Righteous One,
for your hope rises even at the ends of the earth
and at the fearsome limits of our own lives.
Your power holds us steady amidst the storms of life.
When tragedy strikes or illness rages,
you quiet our fears and work your deliverance.
You reveal your love in the generous gift of life,
offered with courage by donors and their families;
endings and new beginnings are filled with your joy.
Come, O Lord, and provide abundantly for all who are in need.
Let the river of your grace flow freely,
especially for those who remember and mourn.
Let the life-giving power of your love
be with all those who cry out for your healing.
Let your goodness overflow
in the lives of those who celebrate new beginnings.
We rejoice in your gift of life,
and in the new life you give us each day;
we shout for joy and sing,
in the name of the Living One, the Risen Christ,
in whom we pray together saying:
The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, IA

POP: grace and compassion

We praise you, O Lord, with all our hearts!
As your people gathered in faith, we call upon you.
We celebrate what you have done for us,
and we love to tell the stories of your grace.

For the sake of your unending righteousness,
we call upon your grace and compassion for your people.
We pray for those who are hungry,
and we seek to use our gifts so they might be fed.
We pray for those who suffer oppression
from enemies within or beyond their homelands,
and we look for justice and peace for all people.
We pray for those who seek to draw closer to you,
that you would open the eyes of every heart
and reveal yourself to all who seek you.

We give you thanks, Holy One,
for you are always faithful to your people;
your promises are always sure.
We pray with the wisdom, and in the name,
of Jesus Christ our Lord, who taught us to pray, saying:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Litany to Commemorate the Victims of 9/11

On this day we remember the fear and the anger, the shock and the chaos that shrouded our nation 15 years ago.  We cried out that day for answers, for peace, for justice. We shed countless tears for lives lost, for families ripped apart, for people missing and injured.

We will not forget the beauty of each soul that fell that day – the promise that their lives held, the hopes they had for the future.

We remember the 2,606 innocent victims of the Twin Towers. Abide with us, G-d. 

We remember the 125 innocent victims at the Pentagon. Abide with us, G-d.

We remember the 246 innocent victims on the airplanes. Abide with us, G-d.

We remember the first responders – the police and firefighters and paramedics – who faced the chaos with unimaginable courage to save and give hope to all that they could. We remember those who survived and the 411 who perished in the line of duty. Abide with us, G-d.

Holy G-d, we know that you hold their lives in your hands. Though they have fallen here, they are not lost forever. Through your Spirit, you have lifted them up, close to your heart where there is no more death or sorrow or crying or pain.

We cry out to you once more this day, Almighty G-d. Give us the courage to be peacemakers, to carry on in love, to have hearts uncorrupted by hatred. Speak to those who would be lured by the power and madness, the violence and the evil that is terrorism in our world. Show them that this seeming power is never the final victor. Touch their hearts so that they may see that love is stronger than death, that goodness is stronger than evil, that light casts out all darkness. Give them a way forward so that the world may be a home for all of us.

Gracious G-d, hear our prayer. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Elana Keppel Levy, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby, OK

**Note from the author: I envisioned a ritual to go along with this litany. We have a large, clear glass jar on the chancel. As each group of victims is listed, we will drop flower petals of different colors into the water. In the prayer following, the water is swirled so that the petals are seen being lifted.