a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

prayer of dedication for Palm Sunday

(based on Psalm 118:26-29)
Blessed is the one who comes in your name, Lord!
With these gifts, we would follow you
even as you lead us into the deepest sacrifice.
We glory in the drama of your salvation.
We give you thanks, because you are good,
because your faithful love lasts forever. Amen.
submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Covenant Presbyterian Church, West Des Moines, IA

palms and passion: an order of service for Palm Sunday

This order of service for Palm/Passion Sunday breaks up the readings for the Revised Common Lectionary Year C throughout worship. Call to Worship (perhaps this call to worship by Thom Shuman) Prayer of … [Continue reading]

POP: spark hope

God of promise, We come to you this day, at the start of a new season, waiting. Your children, O Lord, are waiting to be seen. We remember those among us who are feeling forgotten or alone or misunderstood. Grant them assurance that they are whole, … [Continue reading]

a prayer for the new year

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Advent Candles: God-With-Us

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Advent Wreath Prayers (Any Year)

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Dedication: draw us into your kingdom

Faithful God, your promises are sure. Receive the gifts we present to you as signs of our hope. Draw us into your kingdom, which comes in Jesus Christ. Amen.   Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Covenant Presbyterian Church, West Des … [Continue reading]

Confession: other powers

O God, our protector, we take refuge in you; you alone are the source of all our good. We seek to be counted among the godly and upright, but we confess that we have run after other powers, and we have brought trouble upon ourselves and … [Continue reading]

approach and confession: storyteller

God, you are a storyteller, and you made us in your image. You spoke, and you still speak, through unexpected people, through silence, through your word written and proclaimed through the centuries. We come to hear your story once again, to find our … [Continue reading]

POP: help us care

Let us pray to the Lord, saying: Healing God, help us care for one another. We recently acknowledged the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. We pray for our friends and family in Puerto Rico who are still recovering. We pray for the … [Continue reading]