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confession: we cannot imagine a way out

Loving God, you gift your whole creation with abundant life, plenty for all. So often we see only what we lack, and we cannot imagine a way out of the rules and systems we have set up to portion out your gifts. We confess that we are often more tied to our human regulation than we are to your ever-expanding grace. We confess that there is often no room in our faith for you to speak a new word, especially one that breaks down those boxes we put each other in. Forgive us. Open our ears to hear you speaking, and our hearts to embrace your purpose. Amen.          ~silence~

Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL

confession: infected with fear

Giver of beauty and bounty, the world is filled with people to love and provisions for living. Yet we infect your blessings with fear. We use people and love things seeking the shallow security of isolation and independence. Forgive us for hoarding life that only grows when shared, for taking love when love is made for giving. Do not pull back from us. Help us to find faith to give our love to others as you did in Christ…

(from John 6:1-21   & 2 Samuel 11:1-15)
Submitted by Rev. Christy Ramsey, Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church, Akron, OH.

confession: until we want no more

Holy Manna, you alone can feed us until we want no more;
yet how often we turn to people or activities or substances to satisfy cravings.
Bread of heaven, you prepare a meal to welcome people from far and near;
yet we decline your invitation, preferring the comfort of familiar tables and food.
Bread of life, you give of yourself to nourish all with abundance;
At times we miss your bounty in our lives and forget how much we can share.
Loving Christ, you promise that all who come to you will never be hungry.
Forgive us when we forget.  May we taste once again and know that you are good, and that your goodness is for us and for all the world.  In your name, Amen.
Silent Prayer 
Assurance of Grace
True abundance does not come because of what we do but because of the Person we know.  Jesus still feeds hungry strangers – even us – and calls us to share food with others.
Thanks be to God.  Let us share God’s bounty.
*Gloria  (to the tune of Holy Manna)
Glory to our Heavenly Maker, glory to the Living Bread;
Glory to the Spirit moving, as each hungry one is fed.
Glory to our God who forgives us, sets us free and makes us new.
God in Christ gives life abundant.  Taste and know it is for you.

Submitted by Rev. Laura Cunningham, Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church, Pearl River, NY

confession: scattered

Prayer of Confession (using Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 as inspiration), submitted by Rev. Rebecca Page Lesley, Suffolk Presbyterian Church

We watch in horror, loving God, as you scatter seed with abandon, never even looking to see where it will fall. We think we could do it better—plowing and planting in only the best soil, carefully measuring out just the right amount of seed, fertilizer and water. “No waste, no want,” we say. We fear that there will not be enough and so we hoard what we have been so generously given by you, saving what we should be sharing. O God, forgive us for not trusting your ways and for doubting your extravagant abundance. Our own roots are shallow and we quickly fall away in the heat of the day; the weeds of our lives choke our commitment to you. Release us from our fears so that we may bear fruit for you and grow in us a desire to live abundant lives, flowering with generosity and mercy…

(…moment of silent confession.)