a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: not far

Leader: Praise God who made the world
People: …and everything in it
Leader: Worship God who gives all life
People: …their breath and nourishment.
Leader: Come search and Find God
People: ..for God is not far from each one of us.

Submitted by Christy Ramsey

Confession: storm and stillness

Prayer of Confession:
God of storm and stillness, who hears and helps his children, we build forts of fear, blocking us from walking with others in your path of loving service. Forgive us. Calm us. May faith bring out the love and affection You have for us so that we may share your love with others in the same boat.

Assurance of Pardon:
Open wide your hearts! Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. We are forgiven and redeemed.


Submitted by Christy Ramsey

CTW: stormy

Leader: There are storms surrounding us,

People: Furious waves and biting wind

Leader: We fear that God does not care

People: which frightens us more than the storms

Leader : Be Quiet. Be Still. God is with us.

People: Come into the calm, there is no fear here.

All: Let us live in faith!

Submitted by Christy Ramsey.

Benediction: sacred

May sacred times free you for God’s service
May sacred places set you in God’s peace
May sacred objects anchor you for God’s presence
May sacred activities place you in God’s hands
May sacred people you challenge and comfort you in God’s grace.
May the sacred in your life increase
and be filled with the holy God
overflowing into the world,
For we are blessed to be a blessing.  Amen
Submitted by Christy Ramsey.

confession: life springs

Prayer of Confession:

Parent Who Seeks, Christ who Speaks, Spirit that Springs, the correct and right seems so urgent yet you seek people of spirit and truth. We offer public politeness yet you give us sacred truth. We desperately fill reservoirs of cravings forgetting that life springs from You. Find us. Forgive us. Fill us. May we know for ourselves and not by others that you are the Savior of the world.


Assurance of Pardon:

​Hear the good news! Christ gushing up to eternal life!​ Know Christ is truly the savior of the World and of you.


Submitted by Christy Ramsey.

CTW: god is speaking


One: ​Come those who ​thirst for living water.

​Many​: God is speaking to us.
One: Come to worship in spirit and truth
​Many​: God is speaking to us.
One: Come and know what you have heard from others
​Many​: God is speaking to us.
Submitted by Christy Ramsey.

confession: dodged your call

God of all gods, Master of all kings, we have dodged your call and detoured from your path so much that we are often lost and cannot hear you. We deny dreams of your kingdom come, your will done by rebuilding ruins with relics. Our exile from you means a nightmare of struggling with others. Forgive our self worship and reveal the mystery of the dream you have for us…

(silent prayer)

Submitted by Rev. J. Christy Ramsey, Carson City NV

CTW: come all

One:     Come all who are scattered and discarded

All:    Come all in hunger and fear

One:     Today we gather together

All:    So that no one will be lost

One:     Jesus is with us…do not be afraid!


Submitted by Rev. Christy Ramsey, Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church, Akron OH.

confession: infected with fear

Giver of beauty and bounty, the world is filled with people to love and provisions for living. Yet we infect your blessings with fear. We use people and love things seeking the shallow security of isolation and independence. Forgive us for hoarding life that only grows when shared, for taking love when love is made for giving. Do not pull back from us. Help us to find faith to give our love to others as you did in Christ…

(from John 6:1-21   & 2 Samuel 11:1-15)
Submitted by Rev. Christy Ramsey, Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church, Akron, OH.

confession: dividing humanity

Bringer of peace, we confess we call holy places of sterile stone and dead wood instead of being built into a temple of living hearts and helping hands. Forgive us for dividing humanity when you have joined all together with the cross. May we build on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone. Hear us as we move our hearts so they may be your home…

 Submitted by Rev. Christy Ramsey, Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church, Akron, Ohio