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Confession: Anxious Weeding

a prayer of confession for any of those weedy stories, submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, Crystal Lake, IL.
One: God, you scatter seeds of hope, abundance, and new life.
All: But we have mixed some of our own seeds—
seeds of fear, greed, apathy.
One: Then seeing our mistake, we have tried to purify the garden,
we have pushed out brothers and sisters,
built walls that isolate, and made rules that hurt.
All: Forgive our anxious weeding, O God,
and help us repair the garden of your kingdom.
One: Show us how to cultivate fruitfulness and hospitality,
a place of peace and grace.
All: Teach us to trust your skill, master gardener,
and to see your kingdom come. Amen.

confession: scattered

Prayer of Confession (using Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 as inspiration), submitted by Rev. Rebecca Page Lesley, Suffolk Presbyterian Church

We watch in horror, loving God, as you scatter seed with abandon, never even looking to see where it will fall. We think we could do it better—plowing and planting in only the best soil, carefully measuring out just the right amount of seed, fertilizer and water. “No waste, no want,” we say. We fear that there will not be enough and so we hoard what we have been so generously given by you, saving what we should be sharing. O God, forgive us for not trusting your ways and for doubting your extravagant abundance. Our own roots are shallow and we quickly fall away in the heat of the day; the weeds of our lives choke our commitment to you. Release us from our fears so that we may bear fruit for you and grow in us a desire to live abundant lives, flowering with generosity and mercy…

(…moment of silent confession.)