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Confession: Anxious Weeding

a prayer of confession for any of those weedy stories, submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, Crystal Lake, IL.
One: God, you scatter seeds of hope, abundance, and new life.
All: But we have mixed some of our own seeds—
seeds of fear, greed, apathy.
One: Then seeing our mistake, we have tried to purify the garden,
we have pushed out brothers and sisters,
built walls that isolate, and made rules that hurt.
All: Forgive our anxious weeding, O God,
and help us repair the garden of your kingdom.
One: Show us how to cultivate fruitfulness and hospitality,
a place of peace and grace.
All: Teach us to trust your skill, master gardener,
and to see your kingdom come. Amen.

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