a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

thanksgiving for the music ministry

This will be offered on the last Sunday with our choir.
Members of the choir will be given party store horns to blow (thus the toot).
We will follow this litany with an alleluia before coming together for Communion.
Celebration of Choir
One: Let every living thing praise God!
All: Let every person with voice lift their praise!
One: Let every heart be joined together!
For we have offered great praise to our God the Creator.
And we give you thanks.
All: We give you thanks for the members of this choir.
One: We praise your holy name for every tune they have learned,
for each new lyric they have memorized
and every Wednesday night they have spent in the basement of our church
lifting their voices to praise your holy name.
We praise you for the gifts that each member of this choir
has offered to our worship from September to June —
for the hours they have spent,
for the love they have offered,
for the gifts they bring every Sunday.
Praise God our Creator in this sanctuary!
All: We celebrate the ministry you have each offered
in our church family. We thank you for your time and your talent.
We look forward to the new songs that you will bring in September.
One: But now, as the skies begin to clear,
and summer comes close, we celebrate your rest.
Let every living part of you praise God!
In these summer months, praise God in resting your voice
and nurturing your spirit. Go and blow your horn!
Choir:  Toot!
All: Thanks be to God!
Submitted by Rev. Elsa Peters, The United Churches of Olympia, WA.

prayers of the people–tune our hearts…

We praise you, O God, with our words and our bodies,
With bells and horns, organs and flutes,
With voices tuned to one another
With hearts and mind tuned to yours.

You give us new songs to sing,
As all creation sings praise to your name
The cry of the eagle, the howl of the desert wind
The thrum of the bullfrog, the creaking of melting glacier

You call forth musicians and dancers to lead us
Like Joshua when he brought down the walls of Jericho
And David as he led the ark into the city

You hear our songs of delight
As sweet as Elizabeth or Mary
As powerful as Miriam and Deborah

You hear our songs of lament
Rising from broken hearts
From captives and exiles
From the left behind and forgotten
From the injured, scared, sick or dying

When words won’t come, your Spirit sings in groans for us
When our hearts are too heavy,
you sing over us, quieting us with your love,

Sing over these, your children, whose names we bring before you today.   <mention needs by name>

We trust that you know their needs.
We trust that your will is best.

Give us the faith to praise you
even in our moments of doubt and fear.
Plant your hope down deep in us,
so that we might offer true hope to others.

Around the world today, the drums of war beat loudly
Threatening to drown out the peace we long for
We lift up the leaders in this world,
Of governments at every level
In education and business
In entertainments and charitable work
And in your church
Tune their hearts to hear your song
of love, mercy and compassion

Give us eyes to see your work among us
Give us voice to speak truth
Give us feet willing to go, hands willing to serve.
And ears willing to hear your music so that we may join the dance

Send your Spirit, whispering and roaring
And give us the faith of your son, Jesus, in whose name we pray the prayer that he taught us,
saying  Our Father, who art in heaven…


Submitted by Laura Viau.