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thanksgiving for the music ministry

This will be offered on the last Sunday with our choir.
Members of the choir will be given party store horns to blow (thus the toot).
We will follow this litany with an alleluia before coming together for Communion.
Celebration of Choir
One: Let every living thing praise God!
All: Let every person with voice lift their praise!
One: Let every heart be joined together!
For we have offered great praise to our God the Creator.
And we give you thanks.
All: We give you thanks for the members of this choir.
One: We praise your holy name for every tune they have learned,
for each new lyric they have memorized
and every Wednesday night they have spent in the basement of our church
lifting their voices to praise your holy name.
We praise you for the gifts that each member of this choir
has offered to our worship from September to June —
for the hours they have spent,
for the love they have offered,
for the gifts they bring every Sunday.
Praise God our Creator in this sanctuary!
All: We celebrate the ministry you have each offered
in our church family. We thank you for your time and your talent.
We look forward to the new songs that you will bring in September.
One: But now, as the skies begin to clear,
and summer comes close, we celebrate your rest.
Let every living part of you praise God!
In these summer months, praise God in resting your voice
and nurturing your spirit. Go and blow your horn!
Choir:  Toot!
All: Thanks be to God!
Submitted by Rev. Elsa Peters, The United Churches of Olympia, WA.

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