a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Affirmation: God is coming

We believe that God has come to us;
that God brought us into being,
that this God gave us breath and purpose,
that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others,
that we have fallen short of this commandment
but that God has nevertheless loved us despite our brokenness.

We believe that God is coming to us;
that God is not happy to leave us alone,
that this God will come to us as a particular human being,
that God will be made known to us in flesh and bone like ours,
that Mary will soon give birth and Joseph will soon clap his hands in joy,
that Jesus Christ will be born and our salvation made complete.

We believe that God will come to us;
that God will have the final word and that Word will be good,
that this God will give us the presence of the Spirit to continue our work,
that we are called to be disciples to all the corners of the earth,
that the day is coming when tears and pain will be no more,
and all will gather at the Table to sing an endless and perfect “Alleluia!”


Submitted by Rev. Stephen M. Fearing, Shelter Island Presbyterian Church, NY

affirmation: the gifts of women

We believe in God, Creator and Sustainer of all that lives;
the One in whose image all are made;
the One who kept covenant with Sarah and Abraham and never forgot Hagar,
who answered Hannah’s deepest prayer, and
gave songs to Miriam, Deborah and Mary;
the One who loves, hears and sings over us still today.

We believe in Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Savior of all who believe;
the One who loved Martha and Mary;
the One who fed the crowds,
who healed the woman who bled, and
raised Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus;
the One whose love, life, death and rising re-creates us still today.

We believe in the Spirit, Comforter and Interpreter for all who cry out;
the One who came in fire and wind;
the One who gave courage to Esther,
who caused David to dance, and
made John leap in Elizabeth’s womb;
the One who breathes life into the Word and us still today.

We believe that the Body of Christ is made up of
hands large and small, hearts old and young,
legs strong and weak, and feet made beautiful
as they carry the Good News to the nations.

We join those who have gone before and those in the generations to follow
in praise of the triune God who was and is and is to come. AMEN.

Submitted by Laura Viau.

affirmation: seasons of life

We believe that God creates, orders and sustains all seasons of life;
God makes spring color burst from the grey of winter,
and the summer heat dissolve into the cool of autumn.

We believe that in the right season, God sent Jesus
to be our Light, our Life, our Love and our Salvation.

We believe that in this present moment, the Holy Spirit sustains us,
and gives us patience, creativity, imagination and courage,
as we seek new ways to answer God’s call.

We believe that God is with us, in every season of our life together.
And we are grateful.


Written for a congregation going through a discernment process.
Submitted by Jerie Messer Lukefahr

Advent Statement of Faith

We are an Advent people,
a people of hope.

For us, Advent is a time of waiting,
and so we wait.
We wait for the coming of the One
who is the fulfillment of God’s promise,
the fulfillment of hope,
the declaration that we have been redeemed.

Even so, we are not a naïve people.
We know that the world in which we live
will continue to be filled with pain and sorrow.
We know that hatred and violence will continue to exist.
We know that death and separation will continue to be a part of our lives.

But because we are an Advent people,
we know that none of these things will win in the end.

The Holy One is coming,
to make holy once again
all that was, is, and ever will be.

And in our waiting and our hoping,
we work and worship,
pray and play,
in all things hoping that peace, love and joy will reign
in our lives and in our world,
now and forever.

Submitted by Rev. Rebecca F. Harrison, Transitional Pastor, Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church, Sparks, NV