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Illumination: hearts burn

Risen Christ,
you opened the scriptures to your disciples
and made their hearts burn within them.
Open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts,
so we might recognize you once again
in these words of scripture,
by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

POP–we bless you

Prayers of the People (based on Psalm 66:8-20)

We bless you, O God, 

for you hold our souls in life 

and will not allow us to stumble or fall. 


We pray for those whose faith is being tested, 

who are ensnared in the troubles of life, 

or who are burdened with injustice or fear. 

We pray to you, O Lord, for you are good; 

your mercy endures forever. 


We pray for all who watch chaos swirl around them: 

refugees, victims of war or natural disaster, and those in poverty. 

We pray to you, O Lord, for you are good; 

your mercy endures forever. 


We pray for those who seek spiritual peace, 

who long to hear the promise of your love made real; 

we pray that we might have the courage to speak your word. 

We pray to you, O Lord, for you are good; 

your mercy endures forever. 


We pray for those who cry out due to pain, illness, or grief. 

Pour out your healing, so that everyone might tell of your goodness. 

We pray to you, O Lord, for you are good; 

your mercy endures forever. 


We pray for those who seek forgiveness, 

and for those who might extend the hand of reconciliation. 

We pray to you, O Lord, for you are good; 

your mercy endures forever. 


Blessed be God, for you hear our prayers, 

even as we pray together as Jesus taught, saying:

The Lord’s Prayer




Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams,  Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

CTW: clap your hands

Clap your hands, everyone! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!
God is awesome! The Holy One is sovereign of all the earth!
God has gone up with a shout, echoing through the sky with the sound of a trumpet!
Let’s sing praises to God – yes, sing praises to God through all eternity! Amen!

Submitted by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Ancho + Corona Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico

Confession: so full

Call to Confession

It is tempting to think we have it all figured out, but then we fool only ourselves even as we crowd out the Spirit. When we admit our faults and our failings, we make room for the still small voice of God to speak, to us and through us. Before God, with the people of God, let us confess the ways we wound our lives, and the life of the world. Let us pray.

Living God, our lives are so full, and we keep filling them. Activities, knowledge, resume-builders, work, fun, stuff—more, more, more seems to be our mantra. There is no space for us to live or move or to just be. We confess that you are often unknown to us, for we cannot see how to fit you in. We confess that we like to feel important, and with you there is no power or status to be earned. We confess that we have more than our share of most things, yet still we want. Forgive our gluttony and arrogance of mind, body, and spirit, and turn us again to see your face. Silence in us every voice but your own, and make yourself known to us again this day. Amen.



Friends, hear this good news: God is not far from each one of us. In every breath, the Spirit makes us new, alive with Christ!

We are forgiven, loved, and free. Thanks be to God! Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL

CTW: God finds us

Come and hear the good news—Christ is alive! Alleluia!

We search, and God finds us.

Above and beyond, within and among, breath of life and wind of change,

the Lord of heaven and earth is as close as our own hands and feet.

Come and be the good news—Christ is alive!



Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL

communion prayer: great and mighty shepherd

The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them up to the Lord.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to give our thanks and praise.


It is right and good to give you thanks and praise, Eternal Shepherd,
for walk you with us each and every day,
through green pastures,
beside still waters,
along the summits of our rejoicing
and in the valleys of our uncertainty.
Your presence has sustained us from generation to generation,
in the wisdom of our mothers and fathers,
in the challenges of your prophets,
and most of all in our risen Lord Jesus Christ,
the great and mighty shepherd of all.
So we raise our voices with all our companions on this journey,
giving you thanks and praise now and always:

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest!

Great God of power and might,
you are holy and yet you are present with us.
In Christ you came among us to be our true divine companion,
to know our humanity and to make us whole.
In Christ you suffered even the pains of death,
but nothing could take away the fullness of your life.
In Christ you rose to new life,
breaking the bonds of death once and for all
so that all creation might live in the fullness of hope.
Remembering all that you have done and are doing and will do,
we take these gifts of bread and cup
to celebrate your presence with us in Christ and in one another,
that they might be our holy offering of praise and thanks
and that our lives might always proclaim your life shared with us in Christ.

Great is this mystery of our faith:
Christ has died. Christ is risen! Christ will come again.

Gracious God,
pour out your Holy Spirit upon us
and upon these gifts of bread and cup,
that the bread we break
and the cup we bless
may be the communion of the body and blood of Christ.
By your Spirit make us one with Christ
that we may be one with all who share this feast,
united in ministry in every place.
As this bread is Christ’s body for us,
send us out to be the body of Christ in the world.

Guide us as we embody your love and joy
in all our lives and in your world.
Help us to walk with one another in mercy and peace,
in justice and joy,
each and every day,
that your abundant grace and faith might flow in us wherever we walk,
until we dwell secure in your love all our days.
Through Christ, with Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
all glory and honor are yours, almighty God and Good Shepherd,
now and forever. Amen.

Submitted by Rev. Andy James, First Presbyterian Church, Whitestone, Queens, New York.

confession: way, truth, life

One:           Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Way.

All:       You call us to walk with you, but we prefer other ways, which seem just as good.

      Your way is difficult, and requires sacrifice of status, money, and power,

      while other ways offer us a good life filled with plenty.

      Forgive us when we choose the good life instead of your abundant life.


One:     Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Truth.

 All:       But your truth contradicts everything we know about economies and institutions,

      so we close our minds and hearts to the suffering our truths inflict on others

      and on creation.

      Forgive us when we accept lies as truth.


One:     Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Life.

 All:       Your life is the light of all people, but we prefer to put boundaries around life,

      believing some lives are more valuable, some ways of living are more acceptable,

      some lives cannot be tolerated.

      Forgive us when we restrict your life-giving to our rules.



Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL

CTW: be with us

Risen One, you accompany us on our journey, but we don’t always see you or know you are there
Be with us as we meet in fellowship today
Our hearts burn within us as you teach us your Way, and we want to love as you love
Be with us as we follow your Way
Our eyes are opened as you break bread and pour wine for us.
Be with us as we remember your life, death, and resurrection. Amen!

Submitted by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Ancho + Corona Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico 

CTW: refuge and shelter

The Holy One is our refuge and shelter
There is no good apart from the Lord
Our God gives us counsel and instruction
We keep the Lord always before us
Therefore, we are glad, and our souls rejoice
For God did not give us up to death, but shows us the path of life. Amen!


Submitted by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Ancho + Corona Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico

confession: huddled inside

God of shalom, do we resemble your disciples? Here we are, huddled inside our sanctuary – a place of safety from all that might harm us. Our fears loom large, putting up walls between us and your gift of peace. We are fearful of being found out, of being shown for who we are. We are ashamed of our mistakes and afraid of making more.  Forgive us for staying inside where we presume it’s safe. Forgive us for being hesitant to proclaim your resurrection. Allow us to breathe deeply from your stores of peace, that we might be brave enough to shout our “Alleluia’s” even outside these doors. Amen.

Submitted by Rev. Emma Nickel, Member of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery