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Prayers of the People: eternally victorious

We give you praise, O God,
because you are eternally victorious over death.
In faithfulness you have raised up Christ for us,
and your mercy knows no end.

God of life, we pray for those who are bowed down
under the weight of hunger, injustice, uncertainty, or despair.
You who provide every good thing,
uphold your people.
Open your hands wide
and satisfy the needs of every living thing.

God of hope, we trust in your righteousness
and depend on your love.
Be near to those on whose behalf we call upon you;
to those who face sorrow, illness, injury, or death.
Fulfill our longings for wholeness, healing, and new life;
hear and answer all who cry out to you.

Steadfast God, preserve us in your love,
that we might speak your praise
and bless you forever
in the name of the holy one, the Risen Christ,
who teaches us to pray as we say:
The Lord’s Prayer


Rev. Nathan Williams, Covenant Presbyterian Church, West Des Moines, IA

call to worship: praise you everyday

We will exalt you, O God, and praise your name forever!
We praise you everyday – yes, we will praise you forever!

Great is the Holy One! God is most worthy of praise!
No one can measure the greatness of God!

Adonai is close to all who call out in truth.
God is filled with kindness, and helps those who call out for God’s mercy.

We who are gathered praise our Sovereign God!
May everyone on earth bless God’s name forever! Amen!

based on Psalm 145
submitted by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Ancho Community + Corona United Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico