a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

ctw and blessing: are any?

Call to Worship

We call ourselves together in worship through the words of James 5:13-20.
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you are invited to rise in body and spirit to hear the church respond to your needs.

One: Are any among you suffering?
All: We will pray with you.
One: Are any cheerful?
All: We will sing songs of praise with you.
One: Are any among you sick?
All: We will be the church for you. 
We will pray with you.
We will anoint you with oil.
We will bless you with all the goodness of God.
One: Do you feel wandering and lost?
All: We will be salt for you.
We will bring you God’s peace.

One: My brothers and sisters, you are salt.
All: And salt is good.
One: Go into the world and be salt
to those who wander and those who hurt.
Be salt to those cheerful and suffering.
Be salt because salt is good.
All: We will have salt in ourselves.
And make peace with the world.
Submitted by Rev. Elsa Peters, The United Churches of Olympia, Washington