a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

POP: on psalm 19

O God, the heavens declare your glory,
and all creation reveals your surpassing wisdom.
We give thanks to you for those who reveal your riches to us
and teach us in the way we should go.
We pray for all who are searching,
that you would shine your light ahead of them
and help all people rejoice in you.
We pray for those who struggle and suffer,
especially those we have lifted up by name today.
Revive all our souls and refresh our spirits.
Guide us in your service,
because your will is the desire of our hearts.
Let all that we say or do be acceptable in your sight,
we pray in Jesus’ name, saying together:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Marion, IA

ctw and blessing: are any?

Call to Worship

We call ourselves together in worship through the words of James 5:13-20.
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you are invited to rise in body and spirit to hear the church respond to your needs.

One: Are any among you suffering?
All: We will pray with you.
One: Are any cheerful?
All: We will sing songs of praise with you.
One: Are any among you sick?
All: We will be the church for you. 
We will pray with you.
We will anoint you with oil.
We will bless you with all the goodness of God.
One: Do you feel wandering and lost?
All: We will be salt for you.
We will bring you God’s peace.

One: My brothers and sisters, you are salt.
All: And salt is good.
One: Go into the world and be salt
to those who wander and those who hurt.
Be salt to those cheerful and suffering.
Be salt because salt is good.
All: We will have salt in ourselves.
And make peace with the world.
Submitted by Rev. Elsa Peters, The United Churches of Olympia, Washington

confession: Lord, we stumble

One:    Lord, we confess that we have put stumbling blocks in front of others.

All:     We confuse people about what it means to be your disciple when we say that we are Christians but then we treat others poorly, use our words as weapons, and deny love to others who are different from us.

… silence …

One:    Lord, we confess that our hands have caused us to stumble.

All:     We have clenched our fists in anger, closed our hands in greed, and shoved our hands into our pockets instead of reaching out to others.

… silence …

One:    Lord, we confess that our feet have caused us to stumble.

All:     We have walked away from those who are in need, stood still when we should have acted, and dug our heels into the ground out of stubbornness and spite.

… silence …

One:    Lord, we confess that our eyes have caused us to stumble.

All:     We have been too focused on ourselves, pretended not to see those around us who are hurting, and overlooked opportunities to serve you.

… silence …

One:    Gracious God, please walk beside us, guide us, catch us when we stumble.  Strengthen us by your Spirit that we may live lives that are true reflections of your love, grace, and mercy.  In Christ’s name we pray.  Amen.

based on Mark 9:38-50
Submitted by Katelyn Gordon, Associate Pastor for Congregational Life, Providence Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC