a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

confession: behind closed doors

Sometimes we hide ourselves
behind closed doors…
afraid to love…
afraid to share…
afraid to be vulnerable.

Sometimes we hide ourselves
behind locked minds…
unwilling to love…
unwilling to share…
unwilling to be vulnerable.

But you always invite us
to step outside…
to trust…
and to embrace your new life.

Forgive our faintheartedness…
release us from our reluctance…
and inspire us to go and be and tell and do
your good news…

Submitted by Scott Cervas, pastor at Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church (Lexington, KY)

confession: we do not see

One:    Do you not perceive it?

All:     No, God, we confess that often we are blind to the new thing you are doing.

One:    So often we are not looking, and sometimes we choose not to see.

All:     We are comfortable with the way things are—we weary of the call to your newness.

One:    Sometimes we see, but our hearts are hardened and we look away, making excuses.

All:     But you call us to respond, to live in your kingdom now.

One:    Forgive our status-quo caution, our focus on self-preservation rather than on your kingdom.

All:     Forgive our narrow vision and insistence that you fit into our plans.

One:    Open us to the movement of your Spirit,

All:     and give us hearts ready to be generous in response.

sung: Kyrie Eleison



Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL.

prayer for new life

Friends, today I affirm that you are created in the image of God.
Therefore, I will seek to honor your presence and respect the unique way that God created you.
Forgive me for the times I try to remake you in my image.
Together let us celebrate our uniqueness and our unity as partners in God’s redeeming work among us.  Amen.

submitted by Mike Trautman, First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson, MO