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confession: we do not see

One:    Do you not perceive it?

All:     No, God, we confess that often we are blind to the new thing you are doing.

One:    So often we are not looking, and sometimes we choose not to see.

All:     We are comfortable with the way things are—we weary of the call to your newness.

One:    Sometimes we see, but our hearts are hardened and we look away, making excuses.

All:     But you call us to respond, to live in your kingdom now.

One:    Forgive our status-quo caution, our focus on self-preservation rather than on your kingdom.

All:     Forgive our narrow vision and insistence that you fit into our plans.

One:    Open us to the movement of your Spirit,

All:     and give us hearts ready to be generous in response.

sung: Kyrie Eleison



Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL.

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