a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: we want a spectacle

Leader: We want a spectacle. We want fireworks and a laser light show. We want the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air. We want a production that will make the power go out. That will get our attention.

People: The Lord rules; let the people tremble; let the earth quake! God is great; he towers in splendor over everyone else!

Leader: What if Jesus showed up, and his face was dazzling, and his clothes were so white they radiated light? What if the greatest prophets of all time stood next to him and their appearance was even more glorious?

People: The people of God cried out to the Lord, and he answered them. The Lord spoke to them in a pillar of cloud and of fire!

Leader: We want glory. We want power. We want the assurance of things we never get to see. We want something to depend on, something to hope in, something to dedicate our lives to.

People: Let us extol the Lord our God, and worship on his holy mountain. For the Lord our God is holy!



adapted from Psalm 99
submitted by Rev. Eric Beene, White Bluff Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA

confession: easy as Holy Holy Holy

Holy, holy, holy God, the words of praise slip easily from our lips.  You are almighty!  You are glorious!  You dwell in holy splendor!  But as we are swept up in those lofty words, we can miss the point.  Because we can describe you, we start to think that we can understand you.  And then we think we can predict your actions, and expect your favor, and control your mercy. Holy God, forgive us for limiting our vision of you:  for only acknowledging your presence some of the time, for refusing to see the complexities of your blessings, and for praying only for the people we think are worthy of our concern.  Close our lips and turn our eyes to gaze on you in awe and wonder, so that we may receive your love and your grace, not as facts to understand but as gifts to treasure.  We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son and our Savior.  Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Eric Beene, White Bluff Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA.

prayer of confession: greatness and glory

submitted by Eric Beene, Pastor, White Bluff Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia

Almighty God, we know that the things you have done for us are great.  The powerful cannot rule us, and the hungry are filled with good things.  We know the greatness of your strength, and we know the unexpectedness of your mercy.  So why do we try to make your coming into the world cute, cozy, and soft, like a fuzzy blanket on a cold night? Forgive us, O Lord, for the ways we reduce your glory into something easy.  Prepare us, O Lord, to stop what we are doing, to look, and to listen; to let our jaws drop and let chills run up our spines; to stare wide-eyed in wonder and awe at the glory of the Lord dwelling among us.  We pray in the name of Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Call to Worship: Can You Believe It?

Leader: Christ is risen!
People: Christ is risen, indeed!
Leader: Can you believe it? Is it true? The women went to the tomb, and they came back saying that Jesus was raised from the dead! Christ is risen!
People: Christ is risen, indeed!
Leader: Can you believe it? What does it mean? He is stronger than any power, even the power of death! Christ is risen!
People: Christ is risen, indeed!
Leader: Can you believe it? What should we do? If we believe it, this news would change our lives, and it could even change the world! I need to say it over and over again, just to let it sink in. Christ is risen!
People: Christ is risen, indeed!

Submitted by Rev. Eric Beene, White Bluff Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia.