a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

confession: pointing the finger

God, we come to you recognizing that we often forget that you made the world and all that it is in it. We so quickly point the finger at the other, the neighbor, the outcast, the one who is different from us. Forgive us for expecting to be forgiven without forgiving others. Forgive us for rash decisions and hateful words. Forgive us for projecting our fears onto those whom we fear. Help us to see past our differences, past the barriers that we have created, and remind us to love others as you have loved us.


Submitted by Rev. Greg Bolt, First Presbyterian Church, Nebraska City, Nebraska

confession: clean and unclean

God of the clean and the unclean, we too easily think we can see from your point of view. We exclude, hold grudges and nurse contempt, all the while hiding ourselves for fear we too would be found wanting. We think we are justified because we are made holy by your love, and we assume holiness means more like us. We forget, or never really knew, that all you touch is holy, and that you created all that is. So when we exclude, we exclude you. When we hold grudges, we hate you. When we show contempt, we are contemptuous of those you love. May we be made holy in truth, loving as you love, clean and unclean alike.

Submitted by Rev. Doug Hagler, Calvary Presbyterian Church of Wyncote, PA

prayer: speak through us

One: God, we come to hear your word,
so may you speak through us.
All: We offer our limited understanding, our insight,
our emotions and experiences,
our skills and our talents,
and pray that your voice might be heard
in this place and around the world.
One: We praise you, O God,
and we thank you for your promise to be always in our midst.
All: Open our eyes to see you as you are,
open our ears to hear you as you speak,
open our hearts to receive your care and your challenge,
that we might be your faithful disciples. Amen.

Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL.