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Advent Hymn: Lord, Our Shepherd…

tune: Genevan 42 (comfort, comfort ye my people)
text: Stephen Fearing

Lord, our Shepherd and our comfort, hear us now, your people cry.
Show yourself and shine upon us, save your sheep and loose your light.
Darkness cannot win the day; guide our feet and show the way.
Lord, your light and love is spoken; never more shall we be broken.

We, your vine, have always needed your provision and your care.
You, our God, brought us from Egypt; all was perfect, all was fair.
Why must we return to sin?  Why must always we give in?
Come, attend and plant within us light that always shines out from us.

We have long rebuked and wandered; you have brought our sins to light.
We have fought and we have tarnished; you have pushed us from your sight.
Give us chance to live and learn!  May no more your anger burn!
Make your face to shine upon us and no more shall darkness hide us.

Lord, our hope and our salvation, hear us now, we pray and plea.
Show yourself and shine upon us.  Open us and help us see.
Darkness will not win the day!  Light will come and always stay!
God will be our jubilation; evermore our restoration!

Submitted by Stephen Fearing. Follow him on twitter: @stephenmfearing

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