a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

prayers for Trinity Sunday

Prayer of Invocation (Unison)

Sovereign God, we look at the things You have made, the works of Your hands, and we stop to consider them with awe. From the intricate immensity of the universe to the specific singularity of a flower, Your works astonish us. Who are we mortals that You pay attention to us? We wonder at your love for us and rejoice in your presence, praying in the name of the Creator, the Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Call to Confession

The book of Proverbs tells us that from the beginning of time, since before the creation of the Earth, there has been wisdom. Wisdom cries out to all people. But we do not always listen. We do not always care to listen. We do not want to know wisdom’s way. Let us bring our confessions to God together.

Prayer of Confession (Unison)

Great Wisdom-Maker, You arranged the world in beauty and brought humankind to life upon it. You want what is best for us. You provide us with guides and examples. You even came to be among us in Jesus Christ. We confess that we do not always pay attention. We admit that we do not always listen. We own up to taking the shortcuts and the easy ways because sometimes we cannot handle the truth. Forgive us, we pray, for the things we can acknowledge and especially for the things we try to hide from ourselves and You.
Silent Prayers of Confession

Words of Assurance (Responsive)

Minister: Beloved Children of God, the Maker of all Beauty, Goodness and Wisdom offers forgiveness to each and every one of us.
ALL: Amazed and relieved, we breathe in the Spirit of Forgiveness.
Minister: God is ever and always healing us, renewing us and preparing us for deeper understanding through the Holy Spirit. This is the good news that brings new life.
ALL:  We thank God for it. 
Submitted by Rev. Martha K. Spong, Sabbatical Pastor, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Sunday’s Coming: working toward June 3

It’s Trinity Sunday! One of my friends once told me it was one of her favorite High Holy Days, and I nearly did a double take on the phone. I’d never thought of Trinity as a High Holy Day before. Or if I had, it was way down the list, far past Easter/Pentecost/Christmas/Advent/Lent/AshWednesday…right up there with Christ the King and T-Fig. but I digress…this high holy day is here.

So, will you be singing Holy Holy Holy, and reading the text that forms the foundation for that classic hymn? Or perhaps reading John 3 (again) and reaching for one of the few vaguely trinitarian moments in the gospels, hoping to extrapolate from there?

Maybe the psalm and its many descriptions of how we can experience God could be the spark that lights a new trinity liturgy? Or perhaps Paul’s discussion of how we interact with God’s Spirit will send you down a perichoretic path?

Or are you jumping into a summer sermon series this week, leaving Trinity Sunday in the dust?

Whatever sparks your imagination, join the creativity in the comments! Who knows, the word you type could be just what someone else needs to build on, or you might find just the right turn of phrase in a friend’s wonderings. Let’s create together!