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POP: Be Faithful

Hear, O Lord, the prayers of your people;
incline your ears to the words of our mouth.
We call out to you on account of your faithfulness,
for you are the Ancient of Days, and your word never fails.
Keep faith with those in need today,
as you have forever before,
so we might sing your praises for generations to come.
Be faithful to the young, who are just learning the ways of the world.
Be faithful to those who are older,
and especially to those who struggle with disease of body or mind.
Be faithful to those who are poor, injured, grieving, or under threat;
that your wholeness, your peace, and your joy may be restored.
We put our trust in you,
remembering your gracious works
made real for us in Jesus Christ, in whom we pray:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Marion, IA

confession: short-sighted

Faithful God, we confess our own short-sightedness. Instead of placing all our trust in you and going forward in faith, we have given ourselves to other gods: proven results, quick fixes, and easy outs. Welcome us again into your loving arms. Be quick to forgive us and restore us to faith. Set our hope in you and remind us again of your mighty power and goodness. Help us to rededicate ourselves in your holy name. Amen. 


Submitted by Rev. Elaine Murray Dreeben, Canyon Lake Presbyterian Church, Canyon Lake TX