a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

confession: walls of all about me

Holy God, we sing “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”, but we act out “A Mighty Fortress Is Our Life.” We make traps around us for others to fall into. We build walls so that we cannot be touched. We put so much in our days that we can only focus on what is next, and never on who is around us. And then we meet Jesus, who chooses to be open and vulnerable to the needs of the world. Forgive us, for our walls, our busy-ness and our fears. Help us, O Lord, to be instruments of the one who calls us out into new life, who makes space for the Other, Jesus our Lord and Savior Amen.

Submitted by The Rev. Jason Carle, Overland Park Presbyterian Church, Overland Park KS.

confession: no sense of direction

Healing God,
sometimes we have no sense of direction.
You point us one way…we stumble the other way;
You tell us to do one thing…we alter your plans;
You give us a clear vision…it often doesn’t suit our notions.
We create our own rules…our own criteria…
and our lives become complicated…
the church becomes smug and exclusive…
and the needs of the world are not served,
because we’re too busy serving ourselves.
So draw us from the limitations of our own minds,
and help us to see the landscape of possibility through your eyes…
so that we might be a healed and healing presence in the world…
even now…as we offer our silent confessions…

Submitted by Rev. Scott Cervas, Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church (Lexington, KY)