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confession: open our eyes

Prayer of Confession
Holy God, you call us to faith, but so often we walk by sight:
We want fact to be truth and truth to be obvious.
We seek answers that resemble what already lies in our field of vision.
We value clarity more than reality, what we can see more than what may be, what conforms to our picture more than what shocks, surprises, challenges or confounds us.
Light of the world, forgive us when we privilege our own sight and thus become blind.
Open our eyes to you – your deeper truth and your life within us –
so that we might look around us and within us and see anew.
In faith, may we come to know you more fully, love more deeply,
and see the world and everyone it as you do, according to your grace.  Amen.
Assurance of Pardon
Brothers and sisters, regardless of how we see, we are loved by Christ,
who came to bring sight to the blind in mind and spirit,
who knows our blind spots and gives us new vision.
May we learn to see with the eyes of Christ. Alleluia!
Sung Response: “Amazing Grace,” verse 1
for the Narrative Lectionary, Transfiguration Sunday: John 9
submitted by Rev. Laura Cunningham, Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church, Pearl River, New York