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confession: worldly treasures

Call to Confession

God alone is perfect. As imperfect people, we try and fail to follow God’s will. But God has offered us forgiveness. Together let us confess our shortcomings and ask for mercy.


God of all, we admit that we often chase after worldly treasures.  We desire more; more power, more stuff, and more privilege. We repent of our evil desires. Lead us away from our greed into your peace. Teach us to walk in your ways and delight in your paths instead of following those of our own creation.

Assurance of Forgiveness

Comfort, comfort you my people. God tells us of peace. Our sins have been covered in God’s mercy and forgiveness. Through the work of Christ we are forgiven. Thanks be to God.


Submitted by Rev. Nikki Cooley, First Presbyterian Church, Liberty, MO

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