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prayer for a new year

Let us quiet our minds and be at rest in our hearts as we gather ourselves to pray…
Holy One,
Spirit that blew across the Deep and ruffles the still waters in our soul,
Move in and through each of us gathered here as we begin a new year of teaching, learning, questioning and growing.
Immerse us in holy curiosity, that we may be brave enough to accept our questions and kind enough to share the questions of others.
Soak us in the knowledge that we are loved not for our achievements or accolades but because we are your children, called good from before our birth, and valued as we are beyond all measure.
Make us thirsty for justice, that we my boldly face blatant and subversive oppressions in our community with unwavering conviction.
Make us thirsty for truth, that we may shed light on that which is hidden and right the wrongs long kept in the dark.
Make us thirsty for righteousness, that we may work together to repair broken relationships and build up fractured communities with empathy and compassion.
Gather your people, Holy One, that we may strive together – asking big questions, wrestling with hard answers, and never ceasing in the work of helping and healing the world.


Submitted by Rev. Laura Brekke, Campus Minister, Santa Clara University

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