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poem: choose this day

Choose This Day

Choosing and choice are hard.
I first thought this as I looked at row upon row
of conditioner and shampoo
after living where I had a choice of
having one or none-
Forty to fifty choices!
What if I choose the wrong one?

“Choose!”, commands Joshua.
Choose between your liberator,
or one who has done nothing.
Choose between false promises of prosperity, rain and good crops
And freedom.

And I imagine, being an Israelite, being myself,
seeing gods lined up on the shelf
like shampoo and conditioners,
IRAs, pension plans, the “right School” the “right Major”, the right candidate for office, the job, the little gods of everyday life that pull and push me
and I turn and walk outside
buying nothing,
choosing to live as though God has already grabbed me up.
How can I choose?
I’ve already been claimed.

Submitted by Rev. Jason Carle, Overland Park Presbyterian Church, Overland Park KS

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