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call for contributions: musical liturgy

It’s been a while since we on LiturgyLink have sent out a special call for contributions, but today brings an end to that! As a Presbyterian pastor, a music lover, and a connoisseur of congregational song, I’m looking forward to the upcoming release by the end of this month of Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal. While there’s been a bit of controversy over one song that was left out due to a copyright kerfluffle, the contents look to blend familiar favorites with new and innovative songs from close to home and around the world. Even if you’re not a Presbyterian, I hope you’re aware of this new resource, as there is an ecumenical edition too!

In celebration of the release of Glory to God, we’re looking to publish some liturgical resources that blend words and music in new and creative ways. Maybe you’ve created a response to the assurance of pardon that works well for a particular season. Maybe you’ve found a way to blend a song with words of liturgy to create space for congregational participation. Maybe you’ve even written a musical setting of some liturgical element that you would like to share. If you’ve done any of these or other things, we hope you’ll share them with the LiturgyLink community!

You can send your submissions for this project or any time to liturgylink@gmail.com. Due to copyright restrictions around words and music, we reserve the right to edit, reformat, or even set aside submissions. If you submit original work, please indicate any copyright restrictions that you might have on its use. Any questions, please let us know. And thanks as always for your submissions as we continue to create together!

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  1. Craig T. Barth says

    Wonderful idea, Andy, I hope it takes off!~

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