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Sunday’s Coming: working toward October 14

I always find the fall to be the toughest time of the year to be preaching the Lectionary. During the high liturgical seasons, there is an easy connection to something beyond the scripture, but by the time October rolls around, it so often feels like we’re stuck in a historical book of the Old Testament or in one of the boring parts of the gospels that just doesn’t connect to the world of today. Can’t we just get some Reformation or All Saints in here already??!

Nonetheless, Sunday keeps coming, and there’s liturgy to be prepared and a sermon to write. What are you thinking about this week? Are you working your way through Job, grieving with him the seeming absence of God that then gets highlighted again in Psalm 22? Or is your focus on the letter to the Hebrews, with its emphasis on the word of God and the high-priestliness of Jesus? Or are you taking on the rich young ruler from Mark, perhaps pairing it with the prophetic call to justice and righteousness from Amos?

Where are you leaning this week? What liturgical resources do you need, and what can you share? Any hymns in mind? Join the conversation in the comments, and let’s create together!

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  1. For those thinking of using the Amos text, there’s a nice prayer of confession based on it in the resources for World Communion Sunday/Peacemaking Offering from the Presbyterian Church (USA):


    If the link doesn’t take you there directly, go to page 23 of the PDF.

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