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sung great prayer of thanksgiving

(sung to Hymn to Joy)

The celebrant alone sings those lines in italics; the congregation joins those lines in bold.

God has called us all together: Come to eat and drink as one.
Bread and cup are ours forever, giv’n to us through Christ the Son.
We, your people, stand before you, asking for our daily bread.
Loving God, we do adore you; may our spirits now be fed.

God, in Christ you give salvation, and you set your people free.
So we offer celebration; yours, O God, the victory.
Christ, Redeemer, reigns eternal, triumphed over death and sin.
So our hearts are open to you; Holy Spirit, enter in.

God, we pray for all your people living in the world around:
Those who suffer pain and sorrow, those whose troubles weigh them down,
Those who live in need of healing; help us share your living Word.
May we be your love to others, bringing them the risen Lord.

God, Creator, up in heaven: glory to you, Holy One.
May you reign in power o’er us, may your will on earth be done.
For this day, and each day after, give us what we need to live.
For our sins, O God, forgive us; others’ sins help us forgive.

And the kingdom, and the power, and the glory evermore
Be to you, O God who loves us, and to Christ, whom we adore.
In this bread, we find your body; in the cup, your blood outpoured.
We receive the gifts you offer; give you thanks, O blessed Lord.

Author’s Note:  I find it works better to use the more familiar arrangement of the tune, where the third system’s final note is a half-note, and the first note of the fourth system is a quarter note.

Submitted by Rebecca Harrison, Transitional Pastor, Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church, Sparks, NV.

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