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The world needs you!!

Well, at least your fellow worship-planners need you!

Two-thirds of your Liturgy Link team is headed out for 3 weeks in Scotland, and we need your help. You might imagine that while we’re traipsing around ruined churches and enjoying worship at Iona Abbey, we won’t be writing our own liturgy. In fact, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to soak in someone else’s hard work and refresh our own creativity.

Which means that we need YOU to share your creativity, your words, your ideas, your prayers. Write a summer call to worship? Send it in! Writing an affirmation to go with all those bread passages coming up? Send it in! Creating a prayer of confession that captures the essence of letting the Lord build your house instead of arrogantly assuming you can build the Lord’s? Have a great invitation to offering for those low summer months? Using a new benediction? Send it in!!

This resource works because YOU share your creativity with your colleagues near and far. Whether you wrote it this week or 3 years ago, as long as it’s yours…please send it in! Email to liturgylink@gmail.com and become a published liturgy author, and help your friends at the same time!

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