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Sunday’s Coming: working toward June 17

We’re into that strange part of the year, at least in the congregation I serve. Ordinary Time is in full swing, and even though it is nice to have a break from all the festivals, it can be hard to get engaged in what is new and next. On top of that, summer isn’t fully here yet – at least not according to the seasonal calendar! – but things are really starting to slow down already in many ways. Plus, it is another civic holy day: Father’s Day. There is much going on, but it can be hard to celebrate any or all of these in worship.

So, how are you responding to all these things? Are you looking to the Lectionary, with its week-long reign of Saul that began last week already giving way to the anointing of David? Are you considering the possibilities of looking past a human point of view and into God’s new creation? Or are you beginning the inevitable descent into the parables that a summer in Mark holds?

Share your ideas for this week’s liturgy and sermons in the comments, and join the conversation!

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