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Sunday’s Coming: Working toward April 29

We have arrived at the Fourth Sunday of Easter–in many places known as “Good Shepherd Sunday.” Are you going with the Good Shepherd this week? Singing Psalm 23, reciting it in unison in an attempt to liberate it from the funeral, or ignoring it completely? Pairing the psalm with Jesus saying, plain as day, “I am the good shepherd“?  And what does all that mean to urban people, anyway?

Maybe you’re headed for the continuation of the story of Peter being questioned by the authorities about his healing activities, and responding with “Jesus, people, Jesus!”

Or perhaps this week you’re loving in truth and action, not just in word and spirit.

Or maybe you’re on a completely different track!

Whatever direction you might be headed, stop in for some brainstorming! Even if all you have is a word or a sentence fragment, it may spark someone else’s creativity! This is a space for letting the ideas fly, bouncing off one another’s thoughts, and letting our imaginations run wild on their way to worship. What are you waiting for?? 🙂

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