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gathering liturgy–into the waters

GATHERING LITURGY for two voices

ONE: In the beginning, at creation, there was water,
TWO: bringing life.
ONE: In the beginning, Spirit hovered over the water,
TWO: transforming it into many oceans.
ONE: The water flowed from the oceans and became rivers…
TWO: Humankind, fish and fowl flourished.
ONE: Communities sprang up around rivers and streams…
TWO: And God’s spirit flowed throughout the land.
ONE: Once again, God is calling us to the River…
TWO: We are naturally drawn to the River of Life.
ONE: God is calling us to enter Into the Waters
TWO: We hesitate at first, but we know the waters will bring us renewal.
ONE: Go –Into the Waters.

Submitted by Rev. Erin Thomas, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Riverside, CA.

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