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prayer: when we fess up

Scribe of our Hearts:
when we ‘fess up
to messing up our lives,
you feed our souls
with gritty resolve.
When we are through
playing in the puddles
from sin’s tempting showers,
you douse us with your grace,
wrapping us up in
mercy’s warm towels.

Hour Bringer:
when arrogance kept us
from seeing God’s glory,
humility became second nature
for you as you walked among us.
When our hopes
were an arid riverbed,
you became the wellspring
of living waters gushing forth.

Planter of Peace:
when doubts blister our hearts
and fears buckle faith’s foundation,
you recondition our spirits
with mercy and joy.
When our lives become
so gunked up with worries,
you pour out your lifesaving compassion,
until we have to grab extra buckets
to be able to hold it all.

God in Community, Holy in One,
we join our voices in thanksgiving,
even as we pray saying,
Our Father . . .

Submitted by Rev. Thom Shuman, author of Lectionary Liturgies.

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