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Looking Ahead: still working on Lent

there’s a great conversation going on over at the Ash Wednesday post–how do we work with children during Lent? What kinds of prayers, litanies, songs, or children’s moments might help us enter into this season?

There’s also still lots of room for ideas for Lent–what are you thinking? What dreams are you imagining? What hopes do you have for this Lent?

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  1. I preached the Psalms my first Lent of weekly preaching. It was a wonderful discipline for me. I think it went well for the congregation, but of course I cringe when I look at the actual sermons now. It was hard for me since I’m such a narrative preacher, meaning, I REALLY rely on a story with characters, etc. I had to imagine the story for each psalm, why would someone sing this, why would they pray this prayer. I think the series was something like “Praying with the Psalms.” each psalm was an example of a different sort of prayer – praise, repentance, provision, etc. the lectionary psalms worked perfect.

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