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Sunday’s Coming: working toward December 4

How is it already time to think about the second Sunday of Advent? It seems like it was summer just a few minutes ago.

Maybe this week you’re preparing the way with John the Baptizer, who’s been in the wilderness what seems like a short time before he starts looking to the next big thing. Maybe you’re proclaiming tidings of comfort and joy. Or maybe you’re pondering just how we can affirm that the Lord is not slow about the promises–how much patience do we need, anyway?

There’s been a lot of news this past week that makes some of these hard themes to work with–waiting, preparing, comfort are not exactly the order of the day in the US during the weekend after Thanksgiving. How are you working in the realities of the season this week? What will you be praying, affirming, calling, naming, singing?

Share your ideas here, prime the pump with a few words or a phrase or a whole liturgy ready to go!

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  1. It may be a little late to use for some of you but yesterday @Natwivity put out a series of tweets that were all related to the Isaiah passage for this coming Sunday. They could make a good call and response of some sort.
    ‘Comfort, comfort. He is binding up the broken hearts.’
    ‘Comfort, comfort. He is emptying the dark prisons.’
    There are about four more you can find them here http://www.twitter.com/natwivity

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