a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: in the presence of mystery

Pulpit side: Come, people of God—make a joyful noise!

Lectern side: Come, beloved of Christ—lift up your offering of praise!

Travellers: We gather in the presence of mystery,
grace known and unknown,
promises fulfilled and still awaited.

“Locals”: We have received beyond measure,
building our hope on a foundation of love.

Morning ppl: The Spirit of truth fills this place,
empowering us to lead lives
worthy of Christ’s calling.

Night owls: The Spirit of truth fills this place,
revealing the Way:
to love as we have been loved.

Light eyes: In the triune God we live and move
and have our being,
and so we come to worship, one by one,

Dark eyes: to be remade as the Body of Christ,
together and whole,

Outdoorsy: making God’s justice and peace visible

Indoorsy: even in our days.

Over 45: Come, Body of Christ—see what God has done

Under 45: and see what God will do!

Submitted by Rev Teri Peterson–originally written for a liturgy class at Montreat Conference Center’s Arts Recreation and Worship Conference, as examples of options other than “one – all” or “women – men” responsive liturgy.

CTW: here i am

Submitted by Rev. Stephanie Wing, member-at-large in Transylvania Presbytery.

The Creator calls into being all of Creation.
Here I am!
The One who never slumbers nor sleeps
has awoken us from our rest,
called us out from the comfort of our beds,
and led us to this place this morning.
Here I am!
Perhaps you are here joyfully,
but maybe for your neighbor it was a struggle to get here.
Maybe your mind is elsewhere –
on the stack of bills that must be paid,
the to-do list that runs off the page,
or perhaps there is something bigger on your minds.
You might be content, happy, peaceful, tired, troubled, or just plain bored.
Even so…
Here I am!
Still, it is not about us.
We are here because we have been created and called together
to worship and glorify God’s name.
Let us respond to that call with out worship this morning.
Here I am!