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Confession: Vulnerable Love

Holy and Beloved God, you are the one worthy of praise, who fills our hearts with extraordinary joy, and who weeps with us when we lash out and hurt each other. In your infinite love, you care for us, and teach us to love each other as you do. Instead, we too often use our feelings as a shortcut for manipulation, trying to get others to do what we want instead of listening for your guidance. Help us to change, to listen to each other, trusting in you and each other to love again in vulnerability, knowing that all shall be well. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby, Okla.

confession: our distorted passions


The Psalmist asserts that all have gone astray, fleeing from the shepherd who longs to gather us together and heal our brokenness. Let us take this time to return to God, admitting our failings and holding close to the understanding that God longs to gather us in.


Holy God, we must confess that we are led off your way into paths marked by our distorted passions: greed, lust, and our hunger for power. We confess that once we follow our passions, it is easier to continue down these treacherous paths rather than returning to you once again. Give us the strength to turn back to your Way. Transform us once again by your saving grace that we might pursue your Son our Lord with all our heart, mind and soul, and so be renewed into the fullness of life that you have promised us. We pray this in Jesus name, Amen.



God assures us: No one has wandered so far down other paths that God cannot find them. No one is beyond God’s love or reach. Friends remember this: It is through the life, death and resurrection of the Christ that we are forgiven. Let us rejoice and give God Glory!

Submitted by Jason Carle, pastor at Overland Park Presbyterian Church (Overland Park, KS)