a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: search and grasp

Praise our God everyone; give the Lord a raucous greeting!
God is our Advocate, our Helper, the one who gives life.
We search and grasp, even though God is as close as our breath.
Glory to the One who suffered in order to bring us to God!

Submitted by Rev. Will Ryan, First Christian Church, Burlington IA

litany of affirmation: we have an Advocate

We are not alone, sliding through a mystery with no guidance.
We have an Advocate who guides us with power and truth.

We do not pray alone, worried about “getting it right” or being heard.
We have an Advocate who prays with us, in deep, wordless sighs.

We do not work alone for the healing of the world.
We have an Advocate who directs our paths and reveals Christ to us.

We are born of water and fire, adopted into the family of God.
We have an Advocate who strengthens our relationship with the Holy.

We are a people of bountiful gifts and many connections.
We have an Advocate who blesses and encourages us.

We are yet coming to know more fully the height and depth and breadth of the love of God.
We have an Advocate who does not rest in revealing that truth to all creation.


Submitted by Rev. Julia Seymour, Lutheran Church of Hope, Anchorage AK