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POP: let your promise be fulfilled

O God our Father,
we pray for the world you love so much.
Let all things reflect your goodness and glorify your name.
Let your promises be fulfilled,
so that all people share right relationship with you and each other.

We pray for ourselves,
and we recognize our desires for all the things we think we need.
In your wisdom and love, give us what we truly need today.
Give us the will and the opportunity to share what we have with others.
May all be fed, and filled, and healed.

We acknowledge our sin before you,
and we humbly pray for your forgiveness
and for the forgiveness of those we have wronged.
More than that, we pray for those who owe us an apology,
and we declare our intent to forgive them.

We pray for our lives,
for the life of this church,
and for the life of this world.
Let suffering cease, doubt and fear be conquered,
and guide us always in the right path.

We pray in the name of our great Teacher,
the one who gave us prayer in these words:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Marion, IA

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