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confession: abandoned your mission

God of all time, of history, of things present, and of things to come, we confess our own abandonment of the mission you have given us. You gave us power through your Spirit and an indefinite timeline for your return. We have squandered time and wasted our gifts to fulfill selfish motives, separating us from one anotherLike the disciples, we look to the sky for Jesus, instead of in the faces of the least of these among us. Forgive us, O God, and make us whole again. Reignite a holy passion within us, that we may fulfill your charge to be witnesses of your grace and glory. Amen.
Submitted by Rev. Elaine Murray Dreeben, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas

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  1. Rev. Lucus Keppel says

    Love this, Elaine! You get right to the heart of it – in looking away from each other, we look away from the Holy One. Very much using this on Sunday!


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