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prayer of the day: Advent 2

You come,
so the poor might
get a fair shake
(not a shakedown);
so faithfulness and righteousness
might be the suspenders
we put on each morning;
so we might listen
to the voiceless
without judgment.

When we long for a
leader beyond our imagining,
you show us a
of a dusty-footed
itinerant preacher,
with a ragamuffin
group of followers
and say to us, ‘here’s who
you are looking for.’

In the midst of bigger and brighter,
louder and flashier ad campaigns,
you offer a vision of
cows given milk to wolf cubs,
snakes charming little kids,
lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!)
playing hide and seek
on our front lawns.

God in Community, Holy in One,
bring this kingdom closer to us,
even as we pray as we have been taught,
Our Father . . .


Submitted by Rev. Thom Shuman, Lectionary Liturgies.

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