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confession and assurance: your story for our lives

It is said that we can touch the hearts of others only by first submitting to God our own missteps and mistakes. Let us bow our hearts in prayer and pray together:

Holy God, you are the great scribe of the universe, who writes our stories and chooses our names. But we often turn from the story you have planned – yes, even from the name you have called us, from our true selves inside. Help us to unify and reunite in your plan for us. Help us learn from our wounds that we should rely on your story for our lives. Make clear to us your vision, that we might follow it every day of our lives. Help us now to hear your name for us as we struggle with our sins and offer them to you in silence.

A time of silence for reflection

Friends – hear the good news! God knows us and our lives even before we are aware of God’s presence. In Christ, God showed us that even one who is fully divine and fully human can struggle with doubt, and yet have faith. Yes, even Jesus prayed the same prayer multiple times – and showed us that we could do so too. Let us forgive one another as God has forgiven us, and remember that we are not alone in our struggles with God!

submitted by Rev. Lucus Keppel, Corona United & Ancho Community Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico

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