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POP: the body of Christ

1 – Most gracious God, you sent forth your faithful and true witness out into the world who beckoned us to follow and believe. And now we are bold to pray as Christ’s body out into the world. We thank you for every service that proclaims your love,
2 – When we see the work of mission beginning inside the walls of this church,
3 – When we serve with people committed to making a difference in this community and beyond, 1 – When we grow, and love and serve and pray, we stand out and faith and remember…
All – We are the body of Christ.
2 – When we witness the work of those gifted with talents of teaching and healing
3 – When we gratefully rally for people in power who are committed to your love and service
1 – When we can translate and interpret scripture for the sake of those longing to hear the good news 2 – When we use the gifts you have granted us with grateful hearts, we remember…
All – We are the body of Christ.
3 – Mighty God, as your body commissioned to serve out in the world, we also ache for the people you love who are suffering.
1 – When violence and unrest rips through nations,
2 – When children are fitted for war and starving on street sides,
3 – When abuse and neglect cause chaos in your good creation.
1 – When we are bombarded with news of lives lost, corrupt systems, and feelings of hopelessness, we remember our cause to cry out with the people suffering because we know….
All – We are the body of Christ.
2 – When racism and classism continues to influence our decisions,
3 – When the dull ache of loss continues long after loved ones have passed,
1 – When sickness wears at the best of our energies to fight
2 – When we are overwhelmed by the pain that seeps into your creation, we cling to one another as we boldly demand your kindom come. We pray in the confidence that you hear our prayers because…
All – We are the body of Christ.
3 – So as your people, fashioned for your good work in the world, we pray boldly that your Holy Spirit move through us
1 – As we work peacefully for justice
2 – As we worship and pray and praise
3 – As we beckon for your ear and lift up our prayers to you in the name of Christ, for… All – We are the body of Christ.
1 – And we are bold to pray as he taught us:
Our Father, who art in Heaven…


Submitted by Rev. Lindsay Conrad, First Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, MI.

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