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litany: come, Holy Spirit

The Spirit that rushes in like a violent wind
is also the Spirit of gentleness.

The Spirit that tears down walls between people
is also the Spirit that opens hearts and minds.

The Spirit that burnishes with fire
is also the Spirit that renews and creates.

The Spirit that brings us to our knees in fear of the Lord
is also the Spirit that lifts us up in the light of Christ.

The Spirit that brings a language of its own to our lips
is also the Spirit that carries the prayers of all to God.

We say “Come, Holy Spirit,” but we are afraid.
We are afraid, but we say, “Come, Holy Spirit.”

Include us in God’s work.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Increase our understanding.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Spur us into faithful action.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Burn away all that is dead within us.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Strengthen us to stand with our neighbors, to fight against oppression, to stand for peace, to trust in God’s faithfulness, and to live and die in Christ for the sake of the world.
Come, Holy Spirit! Amen.

The litany may be preceded by a reading of Acts 2:1-4.

Submitted by Rev. Julia Seymour, Lutheran Church of Hope, Anchorage AK.

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  1. Kathryn Johnston says

    Love this and plan on adapting for our Call to Worship… also cool because I can hear your voice when I read it. 🙂

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