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Call For Submissions: PENTECOST!

Alright friends, let’s set the church ablaze with liturgical awesomeness! Let the winds of liturgy blow through our communities! Speak the language of the Spirit in the language of the people!

It’s that time: send us your ideas, your calls to worship, your prayers, your musical suggestions….anything The People might be able to Work in worship!

We’d love to see your liturgy in our mailbox (liturgylink@gmail.com) by Wednesday May 8 if at all possible–think of how ahead-of-the-game you’ll feel, think of how much you can help your fellow pastors who are desperately searching google three days before the Holy Day, think of the joy of being published on this illustrious website… 😉 Let’s fill up the internet with the Spirit, so she can fill our churches with new life too!

Ready, set, create!


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