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Sunday’s Coming: working toward March 10

So, here’s a question.

If you pop by Liturgy Link on Mondays, what do you hope to find?

Are you looking for lectionary discussion? My take on the RCL (and/or the Narrative Lectionary) for this week, in a sort of commentary-type format? space for brainstorming? prepared liturgy so you can finalize the bulletin early in the week? hymn ideas? debriefing from yesterday? Something else entirely?

Or do you not do much on Mondays, or maybe even take Monday off, making the Monday post something to gloss over later in the week?

I’m trying to figure out what works best in this space on Mondays. Often we don’t have liturgy already written to post by Monday, and we keep hoping LL will become a space for collaboration, but so far we’re resourcing, not collaborating, so in the interest of serving YOU, our readers and contributors: What do you want to see on Mondays?


If you’re contemplating this coming Sunday already: It’s Reconciliation Week! We get the Prodigal (who’s more prodigal in that story?), we get Paul’s exhortation to be agents of God’s reconciliation, we get the Israelites celebrating the Passover and entering the Promised Land as God’s redeemed/covenanted people. So many choices! Will you take the traditional interpretation of the Prodigal Younger Son? Will you ponder what Prodigal Love might look like? (hint: it could look like taking the Israelites to the promised land, even after all that…) Will you contemplate what promised land your congregation stands at the threshold of, and how to enter it as God’s covenant people? Will you wonder together how to pick up Christ’s reconciling work? Or something else completely different?

perhaps you’re following the Narrative Lectionary, or doing a Lent Series. Share your ideas in the comments!

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